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AIS Net Buoy   (Built-in Antenna)   VAS9

产品概述/ Product overview

VAS9网位仪为海电院自主研发的新一代AIS Class-B发射机设备,外置可选配长天线,主要用于渔网定位、渔网避碰,定时发送无线电信号到附近的船载AIS终端上。


VAS 9 Net Buoy is generation of class-B transmitting equipment that is developed by CETCME R&D department. It is mainly used in locating the fishing net and warning other ships to avoid the nets. It’s equipped with external antenna.

VAS9 communication distance can reach 12 nautical mile, the full charge battery can last 360 hours ( once transmitting of every minute). It uses aging resistance material, three-protection process and sealed case, in order to make sure VAS9 can keep working in severe sea environment.

产品特点/ Feature

  1. GPS/北斗双模精准定位,定时向AIS船载自动识别系统发射GPS动态信息和设备自身的静态信息
  2. GPS / Beidou dual-mode precise positioning, regularly transmitting GPS dynamic information and static information to AIS automatic identification system
  3. 配置大功率发射机,信号更稳定,距离更远
  4. The high-power transmitter, the signal is more stable, further
  5. 配备外置长天线,距离能达到12海里以上
  6. Equipped with external antenna, communication distance can reach 12nm
  7. 电池充满工作时间15天以上(每分钟发射一次)
  8. The full charged battery can last 360 hours ( once every time).
  9. IPX7防水等级,高强度防水性能
  10. IPX7 waterproof grade, high strength and waterproof performance
  11. 军用ABS复合材料外壳,更强的抗腐蚀性能,持久耐用
  12. ABS composite shell, strong corrosion resistance, durable.
  13. 根据光线亮暗自动开启闪光灯,便于夜间查找

It automatically opens the flash according to the light, easy to find at night.

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