AIS搜救宝(人员落水信标) VSA8

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产品概述/ Product overview

VSA8人员落水信标是一款极其小巧轻便的多场合人员定位信标,具备漂浮能力,可手动激活,符合IEC61097-14ITU-R M.1371最新标准要求。



VSA8 is a kind of personnel compact and lightweight beacon used in many occasions. It adopts AIS technology, with manual activation. It is complied with the standard of IEC61097-14, ITU-R M.1371.

VSA8 can transmit distress signal to ships around it and AIS shore station under emergency situation. Signal contains GPS, beidou satellite positioning data and beacon user ID information. It can help self-rescue or rescued by the around ships.

VSA8 is specially developed for crew’s daily working. It can also be used for the person working under dangerous environment. VSA8 is with 5year’s free maintenance, low cost-in-use, no need to pay communication fee.

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